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He is gonna pop the question, ring for me, what do I get him?

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Ok so me and my guy have been getting serous as of late to say the least. Talking marriage big time. He said he wants to wait to ask me till he can afford a ring and stuff (recently laid-off, damn IT feild!), so thats cool. I really don't care about the ring and stuff, but its important to him, so whatever, I have a little time.


My question here... What do I get him? I mean engagment ring, I want to give him something... Is this customary for the gal to get the guy something? I have been looking online, and nada... No help. He isn't a ring sorta guy or I would totally get him a mangagment ring hehe, like he will wear a wedding band, i know... but other than that, nope. I was thinking really nice watch? If not that what? If girls do get the guy something, what do they get? Gee the men have it SO much easier!


But seriously, I love him and I really want to get something when he asks me to express how I feel for him. I have till summer I think, he was talking about asking me then because debt would be gone (hopefully!) by then. So I have 6 months to save up really. So I would be able to have a few thousand really I could spend, so money isn't so much an issue as what to get him.


Any of you gals (or guys have your gal) get something for your Mr. Right when he popped the question? If so what and did it go over well? I just want him to know how special he is to me and that I am crazy about him!

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well.... I think what he gets in this case is a girl who says yes. I don't think there is anything else needed apart from that. After you get engaged, ask him if he'd like an engagement ring from you. (And I don't think I've ever seen a man wear one!!!)


I really don't think you need to do anything. save your money for your life together.


good luck!

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well.... I think what he gets in this case is a girl who says yes.



WOW! i love that statement!!!


Well sweetie it is not customary and I think Annie said it best! You are the most amazing gift to his life!


However, it is not mandatory but a lot of couples practice the tradition of exchanging gifts on the wedding day. You might want to start thinking about what would speak to him. I have a girl friend that got her hubby a Swiss Army knife. Now to give that to some guys would be weird but he loves knives and she had it engraved.


Good Luck!

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It's not customary. He's giving you a ring to signify your commitment to each other. Your gift to him is hollering "YES!" at the top of your lungs and keeping that ring on your finger for the rest of your life.


I think it's really sweet that you want to give him something in return. Think about it, though. He's giving you an engagement ring to show his commitment to you, asking you to be his wife, to be with him forever. What are you going to do, say "Yes, honey, I'll be your wife, I love you so much... here's a wallet!" Just doesn't seem right to me. Take the ring, marry the guy. You're enough of a gift to him. That doesn't mean you shouldn't get him something awesome for Christmas, but not specifically as gratitude for proposing.


I can't wait to hear about your engagement!

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It just seems to me, he is getting me this big expensive ring to say what i mean to him, I just wanna say it back.... I dont know, I was thinking I saw this awesome nice watch, could get engraved and stuff, but you all think wedding present or christmas more than then?


I just dont know how this stuff works hehe

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Most couples I know exchange wedding presents, but the person doing the asking presents the ring...and the YES is the big present in return, whomever is doing the asking.


I would save that money for the wedding or even better, the future together - a house for example instead of spending thousands on another gift (I think spending ridiculous amounts on a ring is silly though too..or even on the wedding..lol...).

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