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Everything starts off good and wears off later on?

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Kinda yes, and kinda no IMHO.

Things do change over time, there is no doubt about that. When you first start seeing eachother, there is a huge infatuation, which certainly decreases over time.


However, you can still be happy, and love eachother over long periods of time. It doesn't mean you _won't_ have disagreements; it won't always be easy. Bad things will happen, you will both screw up. But with communication, understanding, and a little love, you can get through these minor issues. There are many ways to keep things fresh, and the main thing being that you care about eachother and truly love eachother at the end of each day

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I don't agree. Here's why:


In almost every relationship I've had things start off great. (hence the relationship!) Then, for one reason or another they go downhill, and sometimes they go downhill fast.


The relationship I have with my boyfriend now is different, backwards in a way than any other relationship I have ever had. We started slow and little by little our relationship kept getting better and better. It has done nothing but improve.


I heard a quote once that went something like this:

"Relationships are like business deals; they either get better or worse with time."


You experience just means that you haven't found the right relationship yet but that doesn't mean that you won't!

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