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So I am cheating... any advice?

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I'm not sure if Don don is listening anymore, but anyways...


If she is suicidal, then just break up with her but make it a mutual break up. If you truly think she is going to kill herself over it than maybe you need to sugar coat it. You can come clean with her later, after the time has passed and she has gotten over it. Sometimes coming clean is a selfish act... I hope I don't get bombarded for that one. I just think that there is the odd situation where the only person who benifits from the complete truth is the one who gets to take that monkey off their back. YOU should live with the guilt that you cheated on her. Not her, not if she is suicidal. Tell her she is amazing, but the time apart is too difficult, and you think its better for both of you if you have some time apart. Give her situations that will make her agree that a break up is best.


btw, yes you are an a hole. I don't understand people like you. I am not perfect, I have made mistakes before. But never consciously making a decision to be with someone else. And I also hope she is banging a bunch of guys AND a bunch of girls because you can't give her what she needs.


Sorry. Just listen to that first paragraph, think about it.

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Well, arn't you charming.


I have no sympathy for you whatsoever, and my sincere advice would be to


1) Dump your GF who doesn't deserve this, no matter what she is like

2) If you only want casual sex, don't pretend otherwise. Do it, but don't lie and say you want a long term committment when you clearly don't.

3) Re-evaluate your attitude to women. ie. RESPECT, grow some.


I was you a couple of years ago. And when my own heart got smashed on the rocks, I could only then fully appreciate the evil SOAB I'd have been. May you too have this revelation one day, you need it.

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I wonder what you expect to hear here. Did you read the many postings on the infidelity forum? And why on earth would you marry someone if you can't stay faithful NOW? Please don't harm her any further, be strong and break up with her. Obviously you don't love her. I don't believe you can ever TRULY love someone and betray them at the same time.



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Before any advice, I'd like to say that you are an a-hole .



Heeeeeeeeh, I nearly spit out my coffee. Well said!


And Original Poster Dude, ooooooh, I hope your girlfriend is cheating on you as well, because AngelEyez is right, you are a... (I'll leave that to your imagination.)


And, I'll bet this guy's a million times better than you. Why? Because your girl deserves so much more than what someone as immature and immoral as you could EVER offer. I hope she wises up and NEVER marries you. Do you not see how wrong this is? You don't seem to feel even the least bit bad; as evidenced by what you said, you planned for this to happen. Maybe you didn't plan to have feelings for this other girl, but you definitely planned to have sexual relations with other girls.


Again, do you not see how wrong this is???

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Telling her whats up is not a good idea because she might kill me or herself. She has a real temper problem. Besides, it might turn out ok later on and I might still end up with her and then get married. We aren't married yet, so my idea is that it is ok. I gotta be able to be sure I got the right girl. So a bit of an affair is ok with me, just obviously not her.


Jesus christ, I'm appalled as hell! You are incredibly unmoralistic. Why does this not bother you? How would you feel if the roles were reversed? Why do you think it's okay to cheat on someone you're supposed to be with? If you want some "strange" so badly, then why didn't you just dump the poor girl ahead of time before you sunk to that level? I mean really. Do people have no shame??? My advice to you is to take a good, hard look at yourself, and question why you feel this isn't wrong. And let your girl know, so she can dump you and find a much better man.

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I think he's hilarious. He's the biggest tool in the box, that's for sure. His girlfriend is potentially suicidal, so the right way to deal with her is to run around on her behind her back? Finding out from someone else -- Oh, that's so much less painful than having him confess he's cheating.


I love this guy. Bring him back!!!

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