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**update** What Should I Do?


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Well, for some of you who have been following my saga...it continues. I know i should have let his go in the beginning before i got in too deep. I knew he was not over his ex!! ](*,)

Why did I get myself in this situation?! I don't know. Anyway I found out that it has not been 6 months since they broke up, it's actually been about a year!! HE has tried to get her back for the longest until she had to get a personal protection order against him!!!to stay away from her! I guess he was stalking her! I do notice that he has stalkerish tendencies(whole other story)





Anyways we have still been talking and hanging out. If he starts talking about the ex, I simply change the subject and he knows I don't want to talk about it and we really don't . Lately he didn't mention her so I thought things were going pretty well.

Why oh why did I call him today and he was in tears over his ex I guess all day!! He fell really hard for this girl who ripped his heart to pieces! (but I have only heard one side of the story right?) HE didn't want to tell me at first but it came out eventually.




I just told him my phone was running out of juice (which it was) and hang up. He called me like 2 minutes later to see if I was mad (I wasn't,maybe a little bit, I was just a lil' sad because I am sure its very hard on him ) he wishes he could just erase this from his life you know.

But as some of you have adviced, I am going to be the rebound chick if i become his counsellor!! I am not here to counsel and comfort you know but that's not what I want.






and he apologized to me about this whole situation! And asked if he would rather have lied to me would that be better? and I was like ofcourse not ( and I do appreciate him for being so honest and open with me)he says he is trying to move on but it's so hard (yeah) and told me I am a cool girl and nice that I give him comfort I believe I deserve to be with a guy who is emotionally available to me in every aspect!! I am going to stay away ( I have to now) **please somebody** knock some sense into me NOW!!





I am in tears myself because he is such a great great catch but obviously not emotionally available. Well you know how the saying goes

"If you let something go and it comes back, its yours to keep"


NOW its like whatever I am so stressed out

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