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Milestone : 50 days in

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Aight.. so its been 50 days in since my awakening. And today is a milestone. This is the first weekend ( yes for you all who dont know, thursday is a weekend in college) that i have not been in complete misery. In fact, i dont even care what she is doing. I know she is out getting wasted with a bunch of other people, namely guys, and it doesnt bother me now. I have high standards, and a stupid party girl is not on my list of attractiveness. In fact its a complete turnoff for me.


Now this is also after having gotten upset earlier in the day. So i went and lifted for 2 hours and ran about 10 miles. And i feel great now... tired... but great. And i know that i am keeping great care of myself. Yes, i still want her back, but i can live with myself during the weekends. And now im going out to the beach! So for those of you out there that think the pain and misery wont end... it does. Take care.

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