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Do you consider kissing someone cheating??


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My husband would never kiss a lady, even on the cheek.. apart from his Mum. (well not usually anyway altho there was this one time.....) If I saw him I would be terribly upset. Kissing someone on the mouth and with tongues is a total no-no. It's an out and out cheat. If you love someone, you are not about to do that intimate act with anyone else. You would have to be in the wrong frame of mind perhaps? Drunk? High? but people do make mistakes and it isn't the worst one eh?

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YES, my husband kissed a girl that came onto him when he was drunk; he thinks he's not to blame because of the alcohol! He is now not allowed to drink when not with me because he admits he can't control himself. He went to Alaska to help out a recently widowed friend, they got drunk and ended up having an affair. NO BODY held him down and made him do any of it...he is responsible for his actions, which includes taking that first drink!

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Absolutely yes.


If your partner would not be okay with it, it's cheating, and I know neither me or my partner would be...so yup..it is. Even if he did not think that, to ME it would feel wrong, as it is sharing physical intimacy with someone else....and I feel the same when it comes to emotional intimacy.


There are some people for whom kissing is not cheating, but this only works if both people in the relationship feel the same way.

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