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'standing more into the world'

Belgian girl

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I'm searching for things to 'stand more into the world' so I could for ex. talk with more people about things, having more possibilities to react. When I was young I was quite shy and silent and into myself. I want to change that even more. Are there perhaps people who have ideas to expand my list with what I can do or in which ways? That would be very nice!


Things I can write down right now:


- knowing more about politics

- participating in some more things (don't know what:S ideas are welcome) like a group sport that's what I'm trying to start with

- work at myself so other people get more interested b/c of that reason and I can talk about those things and give them advice with my knowledge. In this categorie I find for ex.

- study

- health

- my opinion about things, my knowledge

- my inspiration, fantasy

- be as far as other people from my age or, if possibe, even further. Things like

- driving licence (car)

- removing my wisdom teeth

- making sure that my life 'runs' at the right way and stay happy

- making more social contact (but that is also the thing where all this is about)

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We can say improv.


Why don't you get involved in more social activities? Join a cooking class and force yourself to get chatty with the others. If you're in university, join some clubs.. political, cultural, human rights, sports (some of my best univ memories are of weekend snowboarding trips), etc. Volunteer to do fundraising with your local children's hospital.


That will get you more used to chatting with strangers and people who aren't necessarily your age. I think improv just takes practise. You can't force it.


And you don't have to have a vast knowledge of many things to hold down a conversation. Just be open and funny. Nobody likes a know-it-all anyway. (Of course, knowing about the world is always good for your own personal development.)


Let me know how it works out!

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