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Why am I being nasty towards her?


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Hi guys,


I'll try not to bore you with the whole problem im having, but some help would be immense if possible.


I got with my girlfriend after being best friends for a fair amount of time. We just got on amazingly, and I've always wanted to make more than a friendship out of us. She has too, but she had never been with anyone before and was nervous. She wanted to gain my trust before deciding to give us a shot together.


We got together and things were great, until I started to pick at things, and generally used to shout at every opportunity. I was really nasty, for a reason I don't know.


We ended up finishing, and I took it badly, eventually after much convincing, we got back together. I started shouting and being nasty again. Obviously, after finishing again, ive accepted how much ive messed up but I cant understand what is making my be like this with someone I care about more than anyone else. I don't do it to other people so no-one can believe that im doing it to her. I know shed give me another chance if I changed and sorted myself out.


We want to be together but I need to find out the reason or possible reasons as to why im acting like this. I cant think why I'd be like this towards her, when I love her more than I can explain. I'm the keen one in the relationship, but I still manage to push her away at times. We're fine when we are practically together but not officially. We get on so well. When we make it an official thing, I change. I really need some advice as to why I might be doing this. Anyone had any similar problems or think they might know of some reasons.

Many thanks. x

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I'm not sure why you're acting like that.. my best guess would be that you learned it from someone (parents?)


Either way, if you care about her so much, why on earth would you want to put her in that position again when you haven't worked on your problems yet?

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I must say... you sound very much like my bf. He has his moods where he shouts and says all the wrong things... and just goes overboard more than I have ever heard/seen him ever do to anyone else. And of course, no one really can picture him being that way with me because he doesn't do it to anyone else! I would love love love to know why this is!?!?

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