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One Way Love

Ms. Babydoll

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*For a friend of mine who walked into my life, and walked out*


One Way Love


How can you walk right out of my life

As easily as you walked in?

It's not fair that you leave me here



When I saw you driving away

I died inside

I wanted to scream,"STOP! WAIT!"

But the words chocked in my throat


Everything inside of me

Shattered into pieces

And tears began to fall

So much for friendship

So much for this one way love

I felt for you


I had hopes for us

Or maybe they were hopeless fantasies

Sitting up in my head

Playing tricks on my emotions

God I'm so pathetic


When you touched me softly

And whispered in my ear

I felt something different

My sweet sincere one way love

Which was so dear to me


But we had to say goodbye

It wasn't right

Even though it seemed like the only thing

We could think about

Don't think I never noticed

That slight twinkle in your eye


I'll grow stronger

I'll forget about you

But until then

A piece of me will always wish for you

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