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BF is different person around friends


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I'm curious about something... I just want to know if this is something other woman have noticed about their boyfriends. My boyfriend and I have been together for a year now. And he has only lived where I live for about three years, so the majority of his good friends are back home. When they come and visit though, he is a totally different person. It's just strange, because I know him how he acts around my friends and other people, but I have never seen him act this way around his friends. It's like he turns into a Frat boy or a immature 15 yr old. It bothers the crap out of me!


I know some guys are really stupid and silly around their guy friends, but I just don't know how to act to this. The guy he is when he's with his friends is not the guy I want to be with. He is 24 and I really expected more from him than his immature ways with his friends. I don't know... so his one of his friends is now moving down here this weekend and will be living with him. Of course now I'm just thinking how crappy this could be. I mean, if he continues to be this other guy, then I really don't want to be in this relationship. That would suck to just end a relationship after a year over something like this.


Has anyone ever gone through something similar to this? Or could any guys tell me why some of you may act different around your friends? Sometimes I get the feeling that he has to prove he's tough or something around his friends. It's just stupid to me.... girls don't usually do that.

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I wouldn't say it's anything unusual or to worry about. Especially if he doesn't see them that often, they won't move on from where they were. When his friend comes, yes, you may find it irritating for a while but they'll soon be up to date. I'm sure if I met up with my uni friends from 30 years ago, we'd act like that for a while.

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It is a guy thing. Guys do it ALL the time.

THe last thing a guy want to do is to show other guys that he has been " * * * * * whipped", he has to show his muncho side.

If he is treating you the same as before in private you dont have anything to worry about.


The last thing he want s his friend to see is him doing needle point with you at home, and in all reality, that is the last thing youwould want to see too.


Yes it looks immature when guys stick out their chest and beat it like a drum, boast blah blah blah. But you are tell ing me at one point or another you didnt find it somewhat atractive


I say, Accept it.

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