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In love with best friend (girl-girl) but have a fiance (guy)

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Wow... Just... Wow..

I definitely think you need to have a talk with your fiance, but keep in mind one thing: Feelings of being "in love" fade (in most cases), no matter WHO you're with. While you may have strong feelings for Jennifer, that does not necessarily translate into a successful relationship or long term happiness.


Either way, you need to have an honest talk with your fiance. I don't know what else to say about it other than the fact that since he's the man you're supposed to marry, he should probably know about this (preferably BEFORE the wedding!!!) He may not like what you have to say, but it seems like you owe him this honesty. He may leave you; you have to ask yourself if you're prepared for (and okay with) that possibility.


Another thing to consider is that Jennifer may have strong feelings for you, but it sounds as though she is currently busy with other commitments. It would really stink if your fiance left you, and then Jennifer decided she couldn't be with you at this point. Just a thought..

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Ok, can understand your feelings but they don't gell with being engaged. My partner is bisexual and had a couple of f/f relationships before we met. Sometimes I ask her if she misses that and she always says that you have to take the gender out of it....who are you in love with?


So take the gender out of your situation and what have you got? Someone engaged to be married who thinks they are potentially in love with someone else.


What's the solution to that? According to you, the solution is to ask your fiance if he would mind sharing you with someone else. Not just at a physical level but an emotional one too.Not just any old emotional level but a level that is potentially a allenge to the love you have for him.


Maybe he'll go for it. Short term you may even pull it off for a while. But I can't see it working long term.


So I think you have to rewind everything a bit, including maybe your engagement and figure out who it is you want to be with.

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Melrich got good points. Before you get married you need to be with Jennifer (Physically) to see if being with a girl is something you would like as you mentioned that you've never been with a female. I too dont think that your fiance will go for it as a long term relationship. As a guy, I would never want to share my girl emotionally or physically with another guy or girl. Have sex with Jennifer, and go for the one you love most.

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