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She dumped me but i want her back

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Me (age 21) and my ex(age 20) dated for a year and 7 months, (mine and her longest relationship). we broke up because i cheated on her in the beggining yet we got back togeather b4 there was other things like i was smoking pot and wasnt really tryin to earn her trust back. anyway weve been broken up now for 5 months and just recently weve started talking again and hanging out. we both still have feelings and both still love each other, yet when i tell her i want more she tells me she just wants to be friends. now i would totally be like ok, if it wasnt for the fact shes calling me all the time talking to me like were dating and doing things that you would do if you were dating. for instance when we hug its not just a friendly hug, its tight one where you dont want to let go, and when we were dating she used to have me sing to her when she was upset or couldnt sleep, somtimes just because.. but yea now she is asking me to sing to her and things like that but like i said when i tell her i want more she tells me she dont feel the same and just wants to be friends i just dont understand. (shes even calling me right now as i type this, i ask her whats up and she says "i just wanted to call and say hi)


When i look at the breakup i totally respect her, a girl like her deserves to be treated like a princess not to be messed around on and hurt..... now i look at the break up as a possitive thing a learning exsperiance ( everything happens for a reason) ive stoped smoking and ive cut down on drinking alot, i want more then anythign to have her trust and would never cheat on her again but i just dont know what i should do.... lately ive been soo stressed out with college, im the captain of my college's cross country team, im working and tryin to get over her, since weve started being friends again it seems some of the stress is goin away but i want more (?(?(what do i do)?)?)

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man, i feel you on this one... I have somewhat a similar experience with you. Anyway, i would love to be on your shoes so don't mess it up! be real, be loving and make her feel like she's the only one for you... IF! the situation is that that's where she wants to go as well.


I made the same mistakes man, and I'm paying for it dearly. I dont do any drugs but I was a pretty bad guy in the beginning. BUt after that, I changed my ways and the trust and the fear were too issues that were too hard to ignore.

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Hi. As you said, you know why she broke up with you and are aware why she doesn't want to get back together. Trust is broken. The fact is it has been long enough for her to change her mind and to see the improvements you made (good for you 1 can be proud). The only thing I can tell you that if she doesn't change her mind I bet some other girl will notice how you changed


Probably she still likes you and needs your friendship (but to me this friendship looks like substitute for a relationship you two had). Ask yourself are you feeling better or worse in the long run as her friend (exclude the hopes of beeing together while thinking about it)?

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