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Update on Iansmommy

Ians Mommy

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i know dani always was on this website so i'd give you an update of what's going on.


we have a beautiful 9 lb 12 oz baby boy named Ian Kyle. he was born on today at 3:34 am. he had an apgar score of 7 minutes after he was born. we had him in the room for about a half hour before they took him off to the nursery. he is the most precious thing i've ever laid my eyes on. he has a few bruises on his head and face from delievery but he's doing fine.


on the other hand, dani isn't doing that good. she went into labor around midnight and had him 3 and a half hours later. sometime during the birth, a her birth canal tore from his size. she started bleeding heavily and had to be given blood transfusions. she was given a blood clotting shot so try to stop the bleeding but she went into shock from the medication. as of right now, she's in the ICU heavily sedated until they can figure out exactly what's going on and how to fix it.


i've been in the hospital all day with them and i just came home to get a shower and eat and i'm going back in a few minutes. i figured that i'd let everyone know what's going on. whenever i have a chance, i'll update you on everything.

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Congratulations on your darling son! That is wonderful news.


Best wishes for a speedy recovery for Dani, I hope everything is ok.


(as an aside, this post initially reminded me of my sister when she had her daughter. She called from the hospital a few hours after the delivery and gave me a message to post on her blog for everyone. Thanks for the update Ian!)

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Hey there,


Congratz with your little cutie!


I am so sorry for Dani, I hope she will soon be well enough to fully enjoy your beautiful son. Send her our love and thank you for posting here on her behalf. Hopefully we will soon see her here!



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sorry i haven't updated, i've been at the hospital constantly with them. ian comes home on saturday but they have no idea when dani will be able to at this point. he is doing fine and all the tests they gave him came out completely normal.


at some point yesterday night, she developed an infection and so far she's been given several different antibiotics but nothing is working yet. she's still in critical condition and heavily sedated still. if it's not any better by tomorrow, they're going to do more tests to figure out exactly what kind of infection it is.

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things for dani still aren't looking up too much right now. although they don't have her sedated anymore, she's delirious from the infection. she has rashes forming all over her arms, legs, and stomach and has a fever of 104 that they can't get to go any lower than 102. she may have to have microscopic surgery tonight to see if they can figure out why she has an infection.


ian was released this morning though so i have our son at home right now. i'm about to feed him in a few minutes and let him sleep for awhile and then take him to my parents so i can go back to the hospital with dani. my parents have offered to watch him anytime i need them to so i can be with her until things get better.


i was supposed to go back to work on tuesday but i called my boss and he's giving me paid leave until she's home and doing better. money will be tighter at first until she's doing better but we'll make it. her health right now is more important than anything else.


i want to thank everyone on this forum for the prayers for dani. she's the strongest person i know and i'm positive she'll make it through this soon. thanks for all the support you have given her in the last 10 months, i really appreciate it.


i'll update everyone when i know more and have a chance.

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