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feeling a little down/depressed. need to vent thx.


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i have been in a relationship w/ my bf a little over an year. we been through a lot of dramas lately relating his ex girlfriend. Just last week, he broked it up saying he can't take it anymore with my issues. However, that night we talked and got back toghether. Now, im left with a feeling of what if he is going to find someone now? Or he doesnt love me anymore? feeling negative these days. I dont know. I am depressed now. what can i do to think positive things? All i think right now is the "what lfs" and worrying too much that he'l leave me anytime soon and find someone else.



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You don't say how old you are, but regardless I can assure you of one thing:


You have to take care of yourself regardless of your boyfriend. I'm worried about the fact that you "sound" down and depressed, and when you're like that, it makes it harder to do things to take care of YOU.


Think out your thought process: If your boyfriend left you, then what? Would you be upset? Probably.. Would you get over it? Yes, given enough time. Would you eventually move on too? Most likely, yes. The bottom line is, playing the "What If" game is pretty useless because it's an impossible game to win. You can't predict your failures any more than you can predict your successes.


The best thing you can do is try to cheer yourself up. Your positivity will affect you and your relationships beneficially. If you're being negative, you will bring that vibe into your relationship. As for your boyfriend, you have to decide if he's worth all the fighting.

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