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Has this ever happened to anyone?

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It happened to me.


The Ex came back into my life, told me all the gory details about how her and her new guy were. How he wasn't me and how he was aggressive. She used me to make her feel better and went back to him when she had got the help she needed from me.


If you think it's going to work out between you two then go with your heart, if you think it isn't then your brain will tell you that your putting yourself in danger here and that you should do what's right for you.


My main regret is helping her, not loosing her but helping her and it being thrown in my face.


Good luck with your situation dude and look to the future.

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Well I deleted her off my myspace so I could stop looking at her profile because it bugs me when I look at it because his name is all over her page. I used to be on her top 8 but she took me off and thats when I got mad because I thought i would remain in there. Last week was a good talk with her and lasted for about an hour. Right now I'm doing NC and see what goes from there. Just want to know if she's really missing me or not.

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