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Sick of my job

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Title says it all really. I work in a line of childrens/babies clothing, and it's not so much the work I loathe as the people. Because there's only around 6 employee's including manager and dep manager, I feel as if I have to get along with everyone, when they're really not my type of people, quite rude in fact. The two that I do get along with, we rarely work the same shifts. I thought It'd get better after a few months, but I've been there around 6 now and they're still arrogant. Its like the dep manager (whos my age) makes a point of making me feel really small. She's one of those spoilt rich kids who has everything laid out for her and doesn't have to pay for her own driving lessons, car, etc. The manager is always in a nasty mood as well, and has frequently made me burst into tears. Work puts me in a depressive state and makes me extremely moody, I can't help but feel worthless when all my friends are off getting diplomas and I'm stuck in a crappy retail shop, a job which took me 6 months to find. Because of this, I'm holding back on leaving, but I really want to find another job. Is not getting along with the other employee's a good enough reason to leave? I've never really had this problem with previous jobs.

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So you don't like your job? Welcome to the world as 99% of us see it. Yes, its great to do things you're passionate about, but passion doesn't pay the bills. As much as I would love to symphathize with you, I can't. Im in the Army, I work 17hour days. I train and train, and every so often, the Army rewards me by taking a weekend or two from me.


But in all honesty, though I might hate certain aspects of the job, I try to find the positive side of things, and just do it. I find the motivation to keep working as hard, or harder than the guy next to me. Its not because I love to work, but its because people aren't going to judge you by the job, but by the quality of your performance.


Like the previous post says...blast them with sunshine. If you do everything the manager asks to the T, then im sure you'll have less problems.


Lastly, don't feel sorry for yourself because


1) Noone else will

2) You're wasting time to be happy

3) Its only going to make you less productive as a person.




1) Keep looking for more jobs...just because you have one, dont think you can't look for another one


2) Not liking the atmosphere, sure its a legitimate reason to quit...but just make sure its not an expectation that you have to love your job, else you'll wind up with a long resume.


3) Educational oppuritunities exist all over. Maybe you should try and see what kind of financing options are available to you, if cost is an issue. Also why not check out programs with certifications or perhaps vocational studies.


Make the best of what you have, and try your best to attain what you dont!

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I think you should have every reason to make new goals and achieve them. Its important in a career to be always trying to make yourself better and not just stay "stuck" with the same thing for 25 years. So, my advice to you would be to sit down and think about whether you want to go to school to get a degree or if you want to look for a different job. You said it took you a long time to find the job you have now so i would suggest keeping it until you find something different. But in the mean time look around. Maybe there is an employment agency that can help get you started. Good luck!

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So basically' date=' your saying settle with what I've got and give up on wanting to achieve anything? If i'm treated like * * * *, I see no reason to work hard to make 'the boss' happy.[/quote']


No, you shouldn't settle in a place where you're unhappy, by all means start looking elswhere; school, other jobs. The reason to work hard is because for the time being it is your job and even if you can get no other satisfaction from it you can always take pride in the quality of your work and the attitude with which you perform it.

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I feel for you. That's tough. Definitely start looking to do something different. That will help.


I'd recently been told by my boss that a couple of my coworkers were having a problem with me, that I was too high strung and stressed them out. Why, I have the nerve to worry about things like a lice infestation, or shifts not covered, or even ask questions like, why? I squirmed in that chair for about an hour and told her I was angry, uncomfortable, and that I may be higher strung than they are, but I'm a darn hard worker while they sit around chit chattin'.


So you know what I've done since? Kick back, watch the lice problem get worse, watch all those shifts not filled and I smile pleasantly. I go in and do my job, I am polite, I smile, I don't reveal anything personally, and I go home on time. The one thing I've really tried to do is avoid getting lice myself. I think so far, so good.


If I were in your shoes, I guess I'd try to feel less upset about the way you feel around them. You're a fine person yourself. Don't let them make you feel less than. Meanwhile, start making plans. Do your job, be pleasant, because you do not need a bad reference.

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My philosophy is: DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY.


If you hate it there, leave. No one is forcing you to be there, it is you who is choosing to stay there. Start looking for a new job tomorrow, as soon as you find something, give your notice.


Unless, of course, you're goal is to reach the top at this store (which it's probably not, but hey, I don't know you).

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