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thank god for you


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to my marine girl.


thank god for you


i am lose in a cave

my life about to give way

then angel said i come to you to save

i was ashame

and i say is this my faith

he reply it only my hands you got to take

and i said would i be safe

and he reply jesus make no mistake

and i say i am not worthy

and he reply, who am i to refuse god glory

i sad, i was sorry

and reply dont worry

just believe

and he would set me free

i said free from this place

he had a smile on his face

and said free of heart

its that you want from the start

i felt a relieve

because i believe

then he disappear

and i was still there

in this cave

and i pray

and i say

to you lord , my soul i give

please forgive

me of my sin

let me start a new begin

and then you came

but i was wild

with your soft words i was tame

and it time for me to do the same

let us live in love

because with out u i be insane

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