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Going to a party.... shyness!


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Hello there.


My friend has invited me to a party. He said there will be alot of girls going. Me and my ex broke up just over a month ago from a 1 and half year relationship and my confidence has dropped dramatically.


I want to meet new people and date new people. Yes i have got over my ex. The only problem i have is my shyness and how to approach someone that catches my eye at the party. I wouldnt know what to do.


Can anyone give me any tips?



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here a golden rule I aways use,


say to yourself "I dont wont to go out with any one just now, I'm happy to just be on my own for the time being, Im not after just sex and im not after someone to help me get over my X, Im happy just to be me alone, meeting new faces and getting to know them"


That way you wont go to the party hunting or seeking any one. Your not there to impress any one and your not there to compeat with the other guys. You can relax and just meet pepale get to know them with out any agender. What you should expect at the end of the night is to go home alone, mildely drunk (if you drink) and most of all happy to see new faces.


You will have a much better time trust me

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Spugley gave great advice there.


If, however, you just meet someone who really does pique your interest.


Treat them like a friend, and ask them questions, such as how do you know the person who threw the party?

What are some of your interests?


Just be casual and have fun, and definitely STAY AWAY FROM ALCOHOL.


It can have a way of reducing inhibitions in a negative way.


Hugs, Rose

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"Hi" is the best opening line. Once you see a women make repeated eye contact or she joins your circle of friends, take note of her name. Have your friends introduce you to their friends.


The best piece of advice I can give you is just like a first date - keep it light and funny, light and funny. And of course, no mention of any ex - save that talk for your buddies. Have fun.

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