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Need advice deciding between two jobs!

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I'm 23 and graduated college in April. I currently work an entry-level Government job in order to "get my foot in the door." This week, however, I was offered two great career-related jobs, and am finding it very difficult to choose one ... so here I am, asking for any advice or input! I know I would love both jobs, so that's not even a factor right now.


JOB #1 - A 1-year maternity leave position as a Marketing Coordinator for another company. It's a $10,000/year raise from what I'm making right now. Since it is not an entry-level position, I feel very fortunate to be given this opportunity. It is definitely 100% just for one year.


JOB #2 - A 1-year position with my current employer (in a different branch of Government) as a Communications and Special Events Coordinator. It's a more entry-level position than Job #1, and consequently pays significantly less (however, still more than I am currently making by about $2000/year). It is a 1-year position, but could be extended past that ... or be made into a permanent job.


Because Job #1 is a higher level job, I think I would benefit more in that one year than at Job #2. However, because I already work for the Government, I am basically guaranteed to stay employed for as long as I stay with them.


If you were me, would you take Job #1 knowing that it offers more responsibility and more money, or would you take Job #2 knowing that it pays less but offers to build on your established tenure and guarantees you employment within Government once the 1-year term is over?

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How easy would it be to get back into a government job if you left for a year? You've got to think of the 'pros and cons' for both jobs.


Example... are the government putting a pension away for you? Do you get paid holidays? Will you receive payment for overtime or will you be on a salary where you don't? Will you get paid sick leave if you become ill?


Sometimes it's better to stay with 'the devil you know' than the one you don't. A year is a very long time if you hate your job, I know I've been there loads of times.


Think about these things very carefully.


Good luck

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IMO justme009,


Well, you need to decide what sector of the economy you like. Public service does have its benefits when it comes down to retirement, less stress, medical, leaves and very tough to get fired, but there are no long term financial rewards to achieve. As for the private sector you have the ability to earn more, more freedom to pick a specialty, deal in a real business environment and network with your industry, yet there are none of the safety net benefits that the public sector offers with an additionally higher level of stress since it's highly competitive and cut throat. Basically, you need to decide what personality type you are and what really makes you tick as a person so you can be comfortable with your decission.

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