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So, me and my boyfriend (ex now I guess are on a break. This started last week. He wants us to do complete NC for a few weeks to give each other some space.


I've been sticking to NC now for 6 days but I am finding it sooo hard! I miss him loads!

To top it off, I don't think we'll get back together after these few weeks. I don't know what I'm gonna do I can't imagine my life without him!


Then, today a friend of mine asked me out, and I DON'T like him that way, but he was really nervous asking me and I felt so bad I said we'll see what happens after these few weeks because I'm still really upset over the break up and that I just need some alone time. He understood and said he wants us to get to know each other better, even if it's hanging out as friends.


I don't want this I wan't my baby back but he seems fine without me but I'm dying inside, it's killing me not being able to speak to him but I don't think he even cares


Vent over

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First of all, you need to relax b/c freaking out and getting paranoid is only going to make things worse. Can you tell me more about your situation? I was in the exact same position as you a few weeks back, so I know how you feel and it's terrible and lonely, but you've GOT TO control your emotions right now. Do whatever it takes to take your mind off of things: go shopping, work out, hang out with friends, see movies, write in your journal, do ANYTHING but call him right now.


Did he tell you how much space and time he needed exactly?

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Then you have to give him that time. Be strong. If he is the mature type (obviously, only you really know this about him), then he could honestly be taking the time off to re-examine where the relationship is going. Don't assume the worst (that is the best advice I got when going through the same ordeal). Although my relationship did not work out, yours has a solid chance if you don't make the same mistakes I did (calling, emailing, asking for reassurance, etc.) and allowing him to sort out his feelings. Here is a link to an article that might help you feel better:


link removed


I hope this helps.

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