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Falling for my best firend

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Last year i met a girl we began to talk at school and them we strated to talk on the phone. that them we started to get alot closer. we would talk for hour and hour. When the new year of school started i had developed a cloes bond with her and had stared to have feeling for her. i want to tell her how i feel but i don't want to effect our relationship. To make thing worse today she got a boy friend and i don't know if i should tell her how i feel.

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This is the same story with me too. Me and this girl met last year and over the summer became very good friends. I must admit that I have always liked here. We spent pretty much everyother day together that summer. Now, she has a boyfriend and it's driving me crazy. I'm ok if she doesn't like me but I have to know if she does or doesn't. I really like here and I would like some advice too.

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Still no help huh. Well, I give an update on what's happening with me anyway.


It's like when me and her first met but this time my role is being played by her boyfriend. She is doing everything she did with me when we first met. She knows im uncomfortiable so she is trying to cheer me up. I don't think she knows why i feel this way though. It's funny really because everyone but her knows how i feel. Maybe I took too long and she got tired of waiting for me? Either way I am going to tell her how I feel this week because we have off from school. Anyone know what would be the best way for me to tell her (time, place, etc.).


Well, atleast the pain is gone now I just feel weird inside. Like something was taken out of me. My other friend said I was looking like a zombie.


"The hardest battles are fought from within, not from without." - Kung Fu master

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