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After a 5 year relationship

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due to infidelity???.....man that really depends on the people. I for one can never trust someone who cheats on me...thereforeeee i can never give them another chance.


But of course love can still exist but sometimes love isn't enough....and sometimes love dies.


Sorry to say that but its the truth...love is the greatest thing in the world but it can also be the hardest thing in the world.

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I don't think love dies, but turns into a different emotion.


For instance, I love my ex gf, but I hate her at the same time for all that she did... but I love her for who she helped me become.


My current ex I'm sure I will love her for most of my life, and soon turn into a friend type of love I'm sure.


I don't think i can ever stop loving either of them, although I hate my older ex gf, she will always hold a soft spot in my heart.



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I often ask myself the same question you brought up in your post. I guess that if your ex already knows how you feel then you should let him go for now. Repeating that you can't live without him won't bring him back (and even if it miraculously does, it will be a short-lived relationship).


I have heard stories of people who broke up for years and dated other persons meanwhile... and in the end they got back together.


I'm not trying to give you false hope. I think you should live your life with the conviction that the two of you will not get back together: You can hope it will happen but just don't expect it to. Everything is possible ! But don't put your life on hold while you are waiting for this possibility to occur.


Who was unfaithful ? You or him ?

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No no, this is a friend of mine who is going though it with her ex. Her ex is seeing his ex... Im trying to figure out if it is normal for her to have called him when her and his cat died this Saturday to come over and bury it.... I dont understand why she did that. Do you think its normal that she felt like calling him and telling him to go over? I think she's still in love with him but she wont admit it. They've been separated for over a year and he was the one to be unfaithful, 5 times! Whats wrong with her?

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Wow unfaithful 5 times??? she should kick his f***ing * * *!


My opinion would be absolutely no way! I am in a similar position - after 4 years i split with my ex because he was unfaithful. We have been apart for a year and i still long to give it another go because i am still unhappy without him - i feel he is the only one i want.


He does not want to though. You cannot make someone want you, no matter how muich you try. I couldnt believe he could cheat on me, or walk away from our love - i also wonder how love dies so suddenly.


I still love him but as someone else has said, that love is so complicated by the hatred i have for him, my desire so mixed up with feelings of sickness at his betrayal, i just dont think these things can work again.


He will always be important to me, but i hope that one day i will move on and be able to love him for what he once was rather than hate him for no longer being part of my life.


Good luck helping your friend..

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Hi Locolady!

I think she still loves him... but was probably blinded by his charm and manipulation...how can you love someone who cheats on you.

How can you still love your ex and want him back after he was unfaithful to you?

I believe that if someone is unfaithful to you then there is no love between the two...since there is no respect.. and after five times...I doubt he was in love with her.

Why on earth did she call him for the cat??? How can I make her understand?

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