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Weird poetry I wrote when I was younger. Im so weird


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I went through my old diary and I read a very disturbing poetry that I wrote, I never actually thought I would write something so sad...well maybe I was sad, but..but I think I was mentally demented... maybe I still am now? Check this out.. Maybe I still need help... I dont know... but I like it, but it shows how weird I am... arggh??



It's alright

to be afraid...

It's alright

to have doubts...

My love,

your fear brought me under

your tears made me realize...

I know now


We are young

the night is still a dawn

carry me with you

and we'll drown...

pull me in with you

and we'll drown...


It's alright to cry

my precious

It's alright to lie

Close your eyes when no one cares

and drown yourself...

dont say goodbye


we do not deserve

a world so numb

whats after death

have you ever wondered?

take my hands...



there will be silence now

you're here by my side

they wont hear any sound

and they wont see any sight

the embrace of our life

for we have drowned

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