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Did he want to say he loved me... or am I overanalysing


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ok... this is a story of when I was actually WITH my ex..but anyway... I always remember this conversation and being the typical woman I analyse it.


We were both in our late twenties.


We'd been seeing each other for about 6 weeks... had a really good evening, nice dinner, went out to a nice bar, then were driving home. It was just one of those GREAT DATES... when you've been dating someone for a while


This is how the conversation went..


Him: So have you ever told anyone you loved them?


Me: Well, I did, several years ago, but now that I look back on it, I was quite young and probably didn't really mean it. Have you ever told anyone you loved them?


Him: No... but if I did, I would probably say it at a really dumb time, like driving home from the bar... (then he looked at me, banged his hand on the steering wheel.. said "Doh!!!!', face went really red and there was a bit ok awkward silence.


AS we were driving home from the bar... I thought hmnnn..


So, do you think he was thinking about telling me something.. or it was just a random question?

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I would have said...


"are you trying to tell me you love me???"


Hindsight is 20/20. Some guys who have difficulty expressing themselves...cloak their feelings within the context of a conversation.



yah I know... but then if he wasn't I coudl have made a pretty awkward situation..



funny thing is, .. when he was dumping me and saying "I'm just not nuts about you" I said "i remember you asking me something once..."


( I didn't say what conversation it was)


Before I could finish , he quickly replied... " Like the time we were driving home from the bar a month ago and I asked you if you'd ever told anyone you loved them?.... oh no..that was just a random question"



OK, how did he know I had that question on my mind.... if it was so 'random' why was it on his mind?... especially when he wsa breaking up with me

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I wouldn't analyze it as much.


Point is- the relationship's over. He's given you the option to date and analyze other guys. Utilize it.


Talk is cheap, so whatever he says doesn't matter.


Hang in there..


i know the relationship is over... i'm nto one of those people who can just forget about it all.


i guess i wonder if he ever really did like me... because on one hand he said when we broke up.."i'm just not nuts about you"... but he was at one time?? wasn't he??

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Best way to analyze this is by seeing it from his perspective. Imagine doing and saying the things he said to you. Imagine if you were in his shoes saying those things to him. Switch up your point of view a bit.


If you said and did the things he said and did to you to another guy, what would be going through your mind? "I'm just not quite into him."


For him to say that his doesn't go crazy over you, he's trying to make it as blunt as possible, because for whatever reasons, he seems irritated. If that's the case, then give him the finger, forgive him, and move on. His loss!

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