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I don´t quite get the point of dating...

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What if she paid for the air ticket?


Live a little Kev


OMG Plus, she's not even asking to see YOUR picture and is already offering 40 bucks... you should give it a second thought man!!


Well, if that's the case, sign me up. lol


Besides, I'm a good looking guy. I used to have my picture as my avatar. I threw it back up in my profile, in case anybody's wondering.

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Oh I remember that picture Kevin! I remember wondering if that was an actual picture, cuz ur hot indeed .


Aww, thank you.


And yes, that's me. I'll admit the picture isn't the best; my hair was kind of a mess in it (since then, I've started styling my hair, rather than looking so unkempt) and God knows I don't wear v-necks anymore. lol (I learned, okay? lol)


Nevertheless, I appreciate the compliment!

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