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me and my boyfriend have only been together for about 3 months, though we've been really good friends for a year before we started a relationship, but still our relationship is fairly fresh.

Last nite we were talking and he told me he could see himself with me forever and would love to marry me. he asked me what i thought and i told him that word scares me but i could possible see myself with him in the future.

now this is where it gets diffcult. hes in the marines and he said he wants me to go with him where ever he gets stationed.

i know were young, and i dont wana make any mistakes. It scares me alot, my heart is telling me i want to marry him but my head is telling me thats not sensible. im really confused!

i know you all cant tell me what to do or anything but this is hard for me to figure outtttt ehhh.

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Do you have to make a decision now? It would not be the age that would concern me, more the fact that you have only been a couple for 3 months (despite that fact that you have known him longer). You are right in the middle of the "honeymoon" period which may or may not be a good indicator of what your relationship would be like long term.


If it were me, I'd continue dating as a couple for a while yet before starting to make any marriage type commitments.

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3months, wow, that's very short.


I don't see any need to rush, just take things slowly.


Marriage has some very important changes that come with it, so it's best not to take it lightly.


What concerns me is that your heart is telling you one thing, your mind another, so maybe figure out what worries you.


What type of family history does he have? Is he a good man to you? Has he shown any red flags? Does he have any strange background that needs exploring?


Definitely contemplate these before saying I will marry you


Hugs, Rose

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3 months is a very short time to be making such a large descision... although my parents did it and they have been together 30 years... They met and 3 months later engaged, 3 months after that married... but im sure they are super duper marriage freaks in that regard.


If I were you, and had to make a descision right now regarding your man, I would MAYBE move with him, but not yet decide on getting married. Im sure dating a marine is a lot tougher than your average guy... all the time apart, all the moving around etc. You need to KNOW that you can handle all of that, on top of being able to handle him.


So if you love him, or know that you will, then maybe go with him but wait a while to make that next step.

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