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healthy filling foods????

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So i'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions on snack food to eat between meals that are low fat/low calorie??? I get hungry too much betwen meals and end up eating junk I've discovered grapes are good, because they are filling and are good for you! Anyone else have any secret snaks that work for them?? Oh....and yogurt and ceral/granola bars don't work for me!


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All fruits are great for that. I eat a lot of apples. But I eat a lot of a lot of things without gaining. Still I want to have a healthy diet, because regardless of weight, a lot of sugar and fat isn't good for anyone! So I eat a typical Dutch 'breakfastcake' which is made of fullwheat thing and has no fat at all. Ok it sounds horrible, but it's a rich source of fibres and yes, there is a bit of sugar in it... but still a nice 'healthy' snack. Maybe a very big supermarkt sells it, who knows. Otherwise I should start a marked for this cake in the US lol.


Other things: cucumber, tomatoes, a cup of green tea. Often when you are hungry, you are actually thirsty. Do you drink enough? In addition, it's not bad to eat 6 small meals in stead of 3 large ones. In fact, I think you get hungry sooner if your stomach is used to big plates. But I do advocate a good breakfast, a lot of fibres, yoghurt and fruit is a great start of an energetic day!

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You might look into maybe some energy drinks or bars.


I know the Myoplex bars work great, even as a "meal replacement"..


I also pop a Red Bull sometimes when I'm getting hungry/thirsty and those hold off the hunger for a good long while... Perhaps your not getting enough B12.

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I've been wondering about this too. Here's what I chow on most of my day...

Apple slices with peanut butter

Celery with cheese (that soft cheese with the cow's face on it)

I found crackers do the trick, or some of that "healthier" version popcorn

Trail mix (I make my own...I buy nuts I like and add cranberries and raisins, etc.)

String cheese

Bananas (sometimes I dip them in yogurt then granola...yum)


I'm a constant snacker...but I've never been overweight so I guess it works out okay.


I'm interested in hearing some new ones!

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Low fat air popped popcorn is a great snack. You could almost eat the whole bag and you won't be feeling guilty from the calories. It even has fiber and the good stuff, surprisingly.


I usually snack on fruits most of all. They're sweet enough and satisfying. Cheese strings, roasted almonds (not low calorie but are a good protein source), crystal light. Diet coke. Lol its not a snack, but after having a can, all that gas makes me feel like I've eaten a huge meal :S


Ahh...anyway, I hope I helped =)

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Get a really low fat bread: you can find ones that are fat free or whatever that are around 45 calories. Then make a few mini sadwhiches for mini snacks. make one thats with cheese or tuna but only use one piece of bread. that way if you make two it's only a low calorie sandwhich. Cheese and fish are both filling and have lots of protein and the bread has iber in it and nether of those have a lot of calories.


plus you'll be happy becuase it feels like carbs!

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Light microwave popcorn-- I buy the 94% fat-free, it doesn't taste bad.


Also, some soups are very low in calories. Progresso makes a minestrone soup (I LOVE IT) that's really low in calories, and it really fills you up (watch out for the sodium, though, it might bloat you up if you're sensetive to salt).


Baby carrots.


I agree-- granola bars do nothing for me. They only make me want to eat more.

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