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Am I in the wrong?


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Ive got a big problem with my best mate but im unsure whether or not I'm the one who's in the wrong i dont think i am but need some help.


Right ive got a best mate called E and she has been going out with her boyfriend for bout 4 months. I really like him and he makes her so happy but i dont see her any more. We r both in a group of 8 girls and we're all really close but ive known E for over 6 years and we tell each other everything. BUt since she has got a boyfriend that goes to the same college as us she spends all her time with him and his best mates normally hangs out with them. I just wish that she would spend more time with us and I dont mind if he comes along but it would be nice to see my best mate with having to watch what im saying becuase of him. She only spends her free lessons with us when he is busy or got a lesson, I dont think this is fair because its like she using us.


Ive tried to spend more time with her by asking if she wants to do stuff like the cinema n asking if i cud go to her house for a bit but she always says that her BF is going round or that she is going to his. She has done this at least 4 times. She also doesnt see the other girls in the group and she is startin to ignore them n they are starting to dislike her and they r being mean bout her i wanna stick up for her but she isnt really giving me ne thing to stick up for. Its like she doesnt care, everytime we talk bout stuff on the fone or at college she either doesnt seem interested in ne thing i say or she spend the whole time talking bout her BF.


I have already said something to her bout it, i said i missed seeing her and would rlly like it if she spend time with the gilrs too like on a lunchtime. She said i was right and that she knows that she should and she said she would. Its being 3 weeks now and nothing has changed.


Do you think im in the wrong? i need your help please!!

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Hey Rachmfc,


You aren't wrong, but I think this has happened to quite a lot of people. You shouldn't feel like you are the only person going through this. I remember in Grade 12, my friend S and I were really close. Then, she wanted a boyfriend, so she basically begged for this guy (who already had a girlfriend) to go out with her. It was a really messed up relationship, but anyways, she was desparate for someone. She stopped hanging around all of her friends. She just wanted him. She only spent time with him. I thought it was unfair. She would ditch our plans and go with him. At first I got pissed off, and then after a while, it became a routine, so I said "forget her". I really had no time to bother with her excuses. Whenever she got into a fight with her boyfriend, she would always come crawling back. As the good friend that I am, I talked to her about things. I accepted her as a friend so many times. She basically used me at her disposal whenever her and her boyfriend didn't get along. Whatever, you can't rely on this girl to be your friend anymore. Obviously her boyfriend is her number one priority. But, if they break up, you'll see her come crawling back to you. It's up to you to decide whether you want to be her friend again. This girl S is still considered a friend. I hang out with her maybe once a month. But, I would never trust her again. Goodluck.





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