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Bumped into ex's parents

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I bumped into my ex's parents in a DIY store this weekend. I had a strange feeling I would but I went to help my mum and dad with the heavy lifting buying new wooden flooring involves...


Anyways, the conversation was ok, it was the first time I had seen them for over a year and although the last time I spoke to the ex, (feb of this year) her parents had a downer on me then, they were very friendly and seemed genuinely happy to see me.


My point is that now I am thinking about the ex again, feeling a little sad and jealous that she might have a perfect life. I am happy with mine but haven't met anyone new yet whose special and don't like the idea that she has. Then I wrestle with the imaturity of that thought and feel a bit crappy again.


I was doing fine but am wondering if this is normal and will wear off real quick or if it's gonna stick around for a while?


Thanks for reading,



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Well it is definitely normal. Whether it wears off quick or not depends on how you handle this. If you can try to focus on the other things in your life that are going well and realize that things (relationship-wise) will happen in their own time... then this will wear off a lot faster. If you dwell on it... start dredging up those old feelings, then it's going to stick around much longer.

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What you are feeling is completely normal in this type of situation. It's never easy to be reminded of an ex in the way you have been.


How long it lasts depends on how you handle this. Try to keep yourself busy and try to do things that prevent you from thinking about her. Of course it won't be easy, but in time you will feel better!


I also think it helps to talk/write about your feelings, so you know where you can go if you ever want to write about the way you are feeling!

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Thank's for your advice and support guys.


I guess emotions are emotions because you can't control them. This was a pure emotional response to seeing people I obviously miss and care about. When you are moving on and trying to build a life away from this you suppress these emotions and don't realise they are there. When confronted with a chance meeting like I was they come to the fore again and thats a natural reaction.


I'm someone who thinks that everything happens for a reason and before this chance meeting I was considering contacting my ex to see how she is. I now realise that would be a bad idea as I have very little to gain on a personal level from that compared to how I might react emotionally. It's not worth the risk.

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