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I spoke to my ex on Saturday she asked me to go out for a drink one night this week. Maybe the NC was starting to make her think. I sent text this morning and wish i had not done it... WHY... I'll tell you...

I've got a strange feeling this morning after i sent it.... I'm sick all this, I've chase her tried to be so nice. For what? NOTHING. If she wanted to be with me she would be!!! YES OR NO TRUE OR FALSE. I've had enough ...this first time i've really felt like this for real. Maybe this is my turning point i'm normally feel so weak in morning but today no.

I'm too good for her i'm me... If she can't see it that's her loss.

I want my repect back and my confidants and i will have it.....

I don't think now it's her i miss it was being rejected Still a little way to go i think but i'll get there i'm sure.

My god i really feel stronge i hope it carries on. I bet i'll be a mess by 10pm tonight. I'll enjoy it why i can


Thank you everyone on this site... you're are all great.



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You'll have these moments and yes, you may come crashing back down, it's a part of healing. Then again, maybe you won't... maybe you have come to a turning point. And you are right about all the things you said. Getting your respect and confidence back is an important step. Just hang in there and there will be others. Someone new will assuredly knock your socks off and you'll wonder what all the fuss was over this one.

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