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Counting Sheep Sucks =)

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Lately I have been having a bit of a "sleeping" problem..or shall I say lack of sleep?


Ugh.....I go to bed....and it doesn't matter WHAT time...I end up waking up

REALLY early. Now don't get me wrong..I am a morning person but this is ridiculous. Even the roosters are laughing at me.....Is this what being an old person is like? LOL Sheesh......


Oh by the way...I am not drinking caffeine before bed..or doing jumping jacks or anything crazy. Once in a while I'll have some wine...but I thought that would HELP!!!


Any helpful tips?? My eyes are looking like this these days...

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Alcohol is known for disrupting sleep and causing early awakening, even in people like me who have DSPS. DSPS people have a really hard time waking up early. You may have ASPS (the opposite), which unfortunately does occur with advancing age, but wait for a few days to see if it's a temporary thing. Maybe it's just stress as the other poster mentioned.

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I have a couple more tips:


- Make the sleeping area very quiet

- Complete darkness is important

- don't have the clock facing you, you don't wanna know the time!

- go to bed and wake up at the same time every day

- if you move a lot during trying to sleep, just focus on staying still

- make sure you're warm

- keep those eyes closed, don't look around!

- convince yourself to think of nothing

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