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I'm So Sorry

Ms. Babydoll

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*for my bf, I've hurt you and I'd do anything to take it back*



I'm So Sorry

I love you with everything in me

And that shall never change

What happened was a mistake

And I never meant to betray you


I think you're amazing

You forgive me, when yet

I could never forgive myself

I hurt you

And I pormised myself I'd never do that

I'm so sorry


You'll be in my heart forever

And I'll love you until my dying day

I'll spend the rest of eternity

Trying to make up for the pain I've caused

But no matter how much time passes

I'll always love you


You are my heart

And without you I'd be broken and weak

You are what makes me strong

You are the air I breathe

You are everything inside of me


I made such a foolish mistake

And if I wish I could take it back

But now it is in the past

And we can move on from this

I can't imagine my life without you

So please never leave


I want to make it up to you

And I'll do what ever it takes

You say I'll do

Just for you

I'm so sorry

I don't deserve you

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