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Do You Have Any Sweet Suggestions?


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i know the genaric answer to this question is "it comes from the heart" and all that bla, but i want answers that are more to the point and aren't genaric generalizations.


i was wondering what some sweet things to do for my girlfriend. like to say or to do.



Here are some examples from other people she thought was "sweet"


Ex. 1- Her male friend told a girl that there were no stars out that night because somebody took all the stars and put them in her eyes.


Ex. 2- Her other male friend stoped in the middle of the road on night, and got out and looked at his girlfriend through the sunroof. then he said "i just want to see you how the stars see you"



is there anything you can think of that's really sweet? any past experiences or anything?



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Be spontaneous. tomorrow, drop all your plans. When you see her, don't say a word. Just pick her up and kiss her for a long time. Tell her you love her (or like). Take her to the store with you. Buy some food for a picnic. Then buy a dozen roses. Don't tell her what you're doing. Then, depending on where you live, take her to the beach, on a boat, to the mountain, hill, any place that can be an escape. Watch the sunset. The key, my friend, is surprise.


I'll give you a few things I've done. They are all spur of the moment.


One weekend I took my GF camping. My father showed me a spot on the mountain where there is a cliff that is over 10,000 feet high. The valley below is about 4,000 feet, so the view is substantial. Anyway, I took her to this cliff at night. I lead her out onto a rock that led to the above mentioned drop off. The wind was blowing about 30 mph, and every star was out. All you could see was sky. We were in the middle of a cloud too. It felt like we were in space. Heres a pic of the view in the day time.... Thats me. I think it represents how vast and powerful love can be.

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Sometimes when were just driving down the freeway, I'll put on one of our songs and I'll come to a dead stop in the midde of traffic and just kiss her.


Other times I'll cook her dinner and surprise her with her favorite flower. Or pick her up a chick flick (that I hate to watch) and her favorite soda.


I say I love you as often as possible.


Just follow your heart. If you want some ideas, just let me know, I'll be happy to help.

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I aways find


1 into where she works with flowers and an big kiss works a treat

2 a trip,flights rooms and all to a nice place for a long week end and dont tell her until the last moment (make sour shes free for that time or could be bad)

3 her to the shops and saying "you have £200 you must spend today GO!"

4 you go away on a trip right 100 notes saying "I LOVE YOU" and hid them all over the house, she will be finding them weeks even years later.

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i... wow. i just threw up in my mouth a little when i read those lines you gave as examples.


but if she liked them, she'll love this:


YOU: Uh-oh!


HER: What?


YOU: I think i need an ambulance.


HER: What's the matter?


YOU: My heart just stopped when I looked in your eyes.


but seriously... be original and creative. do something that adds to her life. wander through a couple of stores until something jumps out at you that reminds you of her. take her somewhere she's never been and would never think of going.


you know what, just buy her a bonsai tree and tell her it symbolizes eternity. chicks eat that malarkey up.

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