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I need some major advice... big descion ahead

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I am trying to make a decision if I should transfer schools or not. Right now I am at Auburn University and I worked my butt off to get in. I am trying to get a really good GPA and get involved, and take advantage of every opportunity that comes my way. But since I am originally from Florida I am paying out of state tuition and it's really going to kill me. I am taking out loans to pay for EVERYTHING! Rent, Cable, Other Bills, Tuition, etc. If I were to stay at Auburn I would graduate with over $70,000 in loans just for a degree in early childhood education. So lately I have been thinking about going back to Florida to go to school. I think I would move to Gainesville and go to school at UF. But being that I would want to transfer next semester, its too late to get in to UF, so I would move there and go to the community college (which feels like I am going down a level) and then I would hope that I get into UF. If I did that I would save over 60,000$ in loans… and that is huge amount of money to not owe to anyone for the same degree. I just don't want to regret anything.. I mean once I go to G-vile there would be no way I could come back to Auburn if I hated it there, or if I didn't get into Auburn. There are many pros and cons to both sides, the main issue is money though. What I basically need to know is if money should be a reason to not stay in Auburn and get the Auburn experience or if money is a huge deal and it would be smarter for me to go back to Florida. I want to know if people look back at their college years and are glad for every penny spent for them or if they wish they went a cheaper route.. or what… how will my decision effect my life in the future. What would you do, what is the smarter decision?? Any advice or life stories would be awesome...

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it depends on a few things..... are you planning on going to graduate school? if so, it is more important where you finish your graduate degree than your undergrad degree.


if you are loving auburn, you should maybe consider staying, and working during your summers. college only comes once and it is possible you can transfer, and then absolutely hate your university anyways.


try to see if you qualify for financial aid. fill out a fafsa form. go find out what scholarships are available for you - even if they are small ones, the can add up.


find a job tutoring, that can help too.


good luck - ultimately college is only once in your life, and you should go and have fun. the memories will last a lifetime.

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Ooh, that sounds like me. I got accepted to a wonderful school and went there my freshman year...and boy, oh boy, was it expensive. I am now back in my homestate and loving my school here. Honestly, the classes aren't much different at all; the rank of the school is just a label, there are great professors in both places, and if you're a good student, you will excel anywhere.


I think it's possible to take a semester's leave of absense from a school...My old roommate did that (she also transferred to UF, by the way, and loves it) to leave the door open in case she wanted to come back. Does Auburn offer that opportunity?


And do you really want to transfer next semester? In your situation, I would transfer next year, that way you'll know for sure if you get in or not before packing your bags. Plus, another semester at Auburn might help you decide whether or not you want to transfer (maybe you start hating it with a passion, or maybe you'll fall in love with it and decide that it's worth the money).


Good luck!

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i agree with laboheme on that you should probably wait another semester to transfer - most school don't give out their acceptances for transfers until late spring anyway. this would give you more time to figure things out.


i'd also recommend visiting UF and getting a feel for the school. maybe you have a friend there or a contact that could really give you a feel for it (more so than just a tour through admissions). the last thing you want to do is hate the school you're at. it makes everyday their more painful.


best of luck on you're decision - transferring can be difficult - i still consider it one of my biggest accomplishments to date!

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That money you would owe (70K) will be a HECK of a lot more when you include the interest (unless you already have?).


If you're going for early childhood (I'm in grad school right now for ECE and Spec. Ed., by the way .. . .. employers aren't going to be worrying about whether you went to UF or AU... all they're going to want to know is whether you have your certification or not. Believe me.


Transfer, and if that means going to a community college for one semester, big deal. You'll still be saving yourself YEARS of debt. It won't be easy to graduate, have a job, and be able to pay off loans, AND pay for rent. It'll be hard to save money, and you'll be stuck in an apartment for a very long time.


I know someone who is in this situation right now, and believe me, it's not fun. That's why I'm paying for my grad school in full, as I go.

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