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cutting ties with my mom?


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I have cut ties with the rest of the family and she still talks to them which is already putting me in awkward situations, but now she calls me tonight and explains that her gambling has gotten her into a ton of financial trouble and she wants me to bail her out. I am seriously tired of dealing with her, I know that sounds bad, but I have my own family to worry about (husband and kids) and I am not exactly in the most emotionally stable place to do much more than what I am anyway.


I know she is my mom, but I have to think about my kids, they need a mom who isn't burnt out and stressed and broke and tired.


what do you guys think?


also, I am NOT going to bail her out and I don't know what to say to make that clear to her.



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I agree that you shouldn't bail her out. That is only going to fuel her addiction, so to speak... If you feel that you need to cut ties to her, that would be understandable.. at least until she gets help. The other thing you could do, besides cut her off completely, is tell her that if she asks for money or anything like that, you will just hang up on her or end the conversation. In other words, create strict boundaries that she cannot cross.


There are probably support groups out there for people with a family member that is gambling.. Have you looked into a group like that?


Sorry you're going through this, good luck!

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