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$$$ or Better Society?


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I am a freak of major choices.


Im thinking either Engineering or Psychology. I love physics, but dont really like to do math. I like knowing, and learning how things work.


Im also thinking about secondary education (highschool teacher) and I'll teach physics, but problem is there's no money in it.


So my question is, what to go for? Should I better society or make money? I like money (who doesnt!), but I think I would like teaching too.

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Hey Lubber,


It all depends on your preference. My brother is in his last year of University taking Engineering and there is a lot of work. He spends most of his hours researching or whatever the heck he does. As for me, my parents wanted me to take the same route. In high school, I was always into maths and sciences. In a way, I sort of got sick of doing all the technical courses. The numbers in math weren't appealing to me anymore, even though I scored high 90s. I took an unexpected turn and enrolled into Criminology and Justice. I was never good at English, but I can say that I didn't make the wrong decision. I've even take a few Psychology courses. The books are enormous, but it is interesting. I get to learn how the criminal mind works and everything. You can always start off as a physics teacher in high school and then progress your way towards being a professor. My professors always complain about not making enough money, but I think they do get paid enough. Their workload isn't even that drastic considering they have Teacher Assistants who mark the students work. Choose wisely!



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