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There would be many, many cases of this happening, a couple getting back together after a long break up. Just like there are many many people who smoke all their lives and live to 80.


The more relevant question is what percentage get back together after a long break up. And that percentage would be quite small. And the percentage that do it successfully would be even smaller.


The worst thing you can do is find reasons to hang on to false hope.


Post your situation and maybe the members here can give you some specific feedback.

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like I originally read on here when we first broke up almost 2 months ago, you can't force a relationship back together and the longer it takes to get back together the stronger it will be. As the way you see it at first isn't exacly clear.

The key is to set some goals and make yourself a better person, I was devastated at first but now I realize all I have going for me and am starting to enjoy being on my own.

I still want her back if we can work out all our issues but amazingly enough I wouldn't take her back now until all those issues were out and being worked on.

IMO the most important thing for yourself is to have a friend to talk to you can tell everything to and if you don't go see a cousellor and this will make you get things more straight in your mind.

Just keep your cool and give every thought a day or so before you act on it.

take your time and it will pay off one way or another. This could be someone you spend the rest of your life with so make it perfectly right

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