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Am I silly? Please help

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My previous post is . Thanks a lot for all of you.


Finally, my girlfriend honestly told me that her feeling to me is not that strong as before. And she really doesn't know what she will do after graduated and she doesn't want to pull me down because of her. She said she escapes to think about our relationship. She think that we should be friends now. It's so sudden to me and I was very sad these few days. But I think I should accept it.


I still really love her, and I still want to visit her for a week after 1 month. I think it might be silly, but I just want to see her again and have the happy memory with her together. And we will be friends then. She agreed. Do you think that I am silly to do that? I am really fustrated coz I don't know when I can see her again. So I just want to be with her again for a short time, enjoy the time and then we can keep contact as friends.

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Hey Jensen128,


It is not silly at all, but it is going to be difficult. You said you still love her and want to see her one last time. Wouldn't this make you want her more? It will move you back into the same place when you both broke up. If I were in your position, I wouldn't go back to see her. It would only make things harder for me. It's best that you move on with your life. Keep in contact with her, but don't dwell on the friendship you have with her. If you want to take the chance and see her again, be prepared for the difficult time of saying goodbye to her one last time. Goodluck



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