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ok so i broke up with my boyfriend a month & a half ago but after we broke up we would try to get back together every weekend wed end up hooking up every weekend then the next day id call him & ask him what it meant hed say "i dont know." he said he wants to be friends with me but i dont want to be firneds with him because im still in love with him even after all the mean nasty things he said to me & told me he doesnt love me. he said he can say hi to me in the hallways at school thats it, no hanging out. so i was like k whatever so i ignored him all school week. its hard to do this tho because i see him ALL THE TIME, i have class with him, all of our friends are mutial hes bestfriends with my brother. so i just get really stressed about this because hell come up to me in the hallway & grab my hand & i wont know what to do so i run away. he talked to me twice on the interent that week saying "hey stranger" he asked if we could skip school together & hang out. i was so confused by this i said no. then 2 days later he asked if i wanted to go out for tea. i said maybe. i havent contacted him all weekend & he hasnt contacted me i dont know how should i act around him ??!!! should i keep ignoring him i dont wanna be a jerk tho. i want to hangout with him because i miss him but i dont want things to happen cuz then i get false hope & im back at square one. i partyed this weekend got wasted & hooked up with a boy but then i just keep thinking about him. but i shouldnt because he is douche. i hate boys ahhh he makes no sense

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Hey Ellie18,


I don't think you should go back to your ex-boyfriend. It seems like it's way over between you guys. I think he's just using you for a good time? You said you guys "hook up" every other weekend, and then when you ask him what it meant, he says "I don't know." He is just using you and you haven't realized it. Just act neutral in front of him at school. Don't necessarily ignore him. If he says "Hi", say it back. If he asks if you want to go out, say you're busy. Give him the sign that you are done with him in a very subtle way. Continue being nice, but don't give in. How old are you anyways? I'm not trying to be mean about this, but you said that you got wasted and hooked up with some guy... You aren't really respecting yourself. Maybe I was raised differently than you, I'm not sure. Instead of focusing on drinking and parties, maybe focus on your school work more. It would show all the guys that you aren't "easy" as all of them probably suspect (no offense), but that you can be a serious person as well. Stand up for yourself. Don't let guys think of you as just "meat".



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