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Plz first date advice/talky ta.


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Hello again friends,


I am in need of some advice regarding what to do/not to do on or for a first date. I knew this girl for a little while through a club, she had a boyfriend when I met her but now they've broken up a while ago. I bumped into her at the supermarket, we started talking about the old club and bla bla do you still go, i'm all no working too much bla bla talk, at one point i decided i'd better not be a coward so i said " if you're not seeing anyone would you like to go out with me to see a movie or do something". She looked pretty serious for a bit then smiled and said yeah. I got her phone number down and said i'd give her a call. I stuffed up by not smiling back, but I was nervous and I never smile when I am nervous. I'm going to call her tomorrow, I wasn't sure about my roster at work so I couldn't tell her when. I work heaps in relative terms (still a student, FT Quan. hours for work), found out I got thursday off, as I said I'm going to call her.


Problem is, I'm not really sure what to do for a first date. I am 23 years old, a student of geology and Australian. I was thinking I could take her to the movies which is just down the road from where I live, but my car is buggered. I think that might be a problem, not much of a date if take her onto the bus. Other option I was pondering was to invite her over to my flat, I can cook up a mean spag bol. I'll tell her that, then be all lets watch donnie darko.


Shes really cute, a couple of years younger than me and frankly, I am a very large ape like creature, I need a bit of help paraphrasing what I say when I call her.


If you guys/girls have got any suggestions or advice on a first date I'd appreciate any input.


Thanks in advance.



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haha, cool man. i think the dinner > movie at theaters. like has been said 1000x, you don't really get a chance to "bond" with the person at the movie theater. i think if a guy can cook, it's going to look pretty impressive to a girl.


i think the key is if you're going to do it, do it soon so you catch her before she makes other plans. call, joke around, be cool and casual, confident... you got it man.


and i have the opposite problem as you, i tend to smile often (my coworkers say i smile too much almost) and even more when i get nervous.

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