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Likelihood of dumper breaking MY NC

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I was dumped a few months ago by a girl I'd been seeing for 5 months, although it was our second bite of the apple as we'd been out with each other several years before. The first time we split up I never heard from her again until I got back in touch with her at the beginning of the year.


This time around she said it would be nice if we could remain friends this time around, although it would take time. About a month after the breakup, and with minimal contact, she told me that she'd started seeing somebody else, but that she'd still like to be friends. I replied that I needed to go NC in order to get myself together and let things calm down before we tried the friends thing, and that I knew she'd respect that.


So it's now fast approaching 3 months of complete NC, and was wondering after all this time not hearing from me, that even if she wanted to get back in touch with me is it likely that she'd be just as worried about me rejecting her as I would be if I were to get in touch with her? Or is she simply doing as I asked her, and staying away until I'm ready to get in touch with her?


I'm moving on with my life, and have started dating other people, have travel plans, and am fitter than I've been in a very long time, but I still have her in the back of my mind. I'm not sure if I'm ready to break NC just yet, but just wondered if it's likely that she's wondering what I'm up to and curious about where I'm at. It would be lovely to hear from her, but I appreciate that she might simply be respecting my wishes to go NC for a while.


Also, has anybody else found that dating other people can only serve to make you miss your ex gf/bf even more? What a pain!

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Well, chances are excellent that she's not thinking of you at all; you're not even a small and distant figure on the horizon...romantically anyway.


Don't break no contact unless you want to see that confirmed in the flesh.


And don't be afraid to admit to yourself all the feelings you still have for your ex, because until you are completely done with that, you won't be able to feel anything for a new relationship.

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I agree with Juliana... as much as it hurts to understand this... most of the time the ex who dumped you willl NOT get back in contact with you... sure some peopel write stories like, " So I did NC for 3 months and what do you know, my ex called meup and wants to meet up!"


these stories are rare... don't count on it

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most of the time the ex who dumped you willl NOT get back in contact with you


Even though throughout the breakup she expressed a wish to remain friends? Granted she admitted that it would take a while before we'd be back in contact again, but during our last stint together she'd expressed regret at losing touch with me the first time around.


I think it will take me to break NC before I hear anything from her, and like you've all said, I need to feel comfortable hearing things that right now I'm not sure I'd be able to cope with.

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