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This one girl...


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Hi there,


This is my first post here and I need a little help.


I work out at a gym and there is this girl who is the front desk girl and she scans the membership cards and all. The only time I see her is when she's working and she's always busy. I wanna ask her out, but I know some girls dont like to be asked out on a date infront of others and there are always alotta people around as they line up waiting for her to scan their cards or other employees are standing next to her. Now I'm the kinda guy that asks girls out face to face and all alone with the girl privately as I respect their "privacy" and think that's the right way to ask girls out. I dont wanna stalk her by her work place and I dont wanna ask her out infront of a crowd of people (strangers) who I see at gym almost every day. One idea a friend of mine said to next time I go there to give her a little note to tell her to let me know when she get a break or something, or give her my business card w/my cell on the back of it and have her call me...


C'mon people. Throw me some ideas please. I need to get this gril away from this "front" desk and maybe out side the gym even by the door to ask her out. I know her name/she knows my name, we've talked before and my friend says she checks me out some times but can't rely on his words. I've been trying to ask her out for like 6 months now but so many crazy has happened in my life that I haven't had the chance to even think about it.


If you have some cool pick up lines, I would appreciate it


Thank you

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Hi there, and welcome to enotalone!


Why not try what someone else on these boards did a few months back? He wrote a short note to a girl he met at Border's with his number on it, and she called back! Most people found it sweet, and I'm sure the girl appreciated his courage.

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