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Questions for people who've met up with their ex after a period of time

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So I'm interested in enotaloners who decided to meet up with their ex, for whatever reason.


1) How long did you go out? How long had you been broken up?


2) Who initiated contact if it was you, what were your (honest) intentions or expectations?


3) How did you cope, were you able to keep it together and be composed?


4) Was the relationship ever brought up and by whom?


5) Were you fine hearing about your ex's life and also did you find it easy talking to them about your own life?


6) After the meeting how did your relationship develop? - did you stay friends, reconcile, or go back to no contact. Were you both interested in the same thing.


7) Do you regret meeting up or was it an important part of your healing?



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1. Various amounts of time.

2. Usually me, sometimes them. Honest intention; to stay friends.

3. Yes.

4. Constantly, by everyone -- it's a bad sign if you can't talk about the relationship -- but the relationship is not analyzed; more like, remember that time we went out to the movies; that kind of thing.

5. Yes. Over-interested in their relationships, and they in mine, but not malignantly so.

6. Stayed friends in majority of cases. Went back to no contact in a couple; reason being, the other person doubted my intention for contacting them, or I was not ready to see them again.

7. Was not a significant part of my healing, but I'm glad it happened. The healing has to be pretty much over before you can see them again.

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1. 27 years. 2 months.

2. I initiated, wasn't important. Installed a computer.

3. Did very well, got the software all loaded, had a drink and a chat.

4. No relationship talk because what's done is done.

5. Fine with discussing each others lives.

6. Our friendship never faltered.

7. We help each other heal.

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