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He wants me back... AGAIN

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So i've been coming on to this website for about a year now. Every now and than i would need soem tough advice from people, because i feel like i can never grabs the objective of this love game. (want what you can't have and not want it when you have it).


Bf and i broke up 2 months ago again. he was cruel harsh and so on. he said every bit cruel thing u can imagine and more. I annoyed the hell out of him.


After many relationship advice books, i decided to do the ignore the best i could treatment. I hated everything he had to say to me. So i try to avoid talkin to him, that didnt work some how we fight over stupid idiotic kid stuff. (like i take to long to decide which brand of cookies i want)


So i decided to give this guy a chance, cuz i was so bumbed i wanted to do somthing that makes me happy. So i hung out with this guy i know from school.


Man was my ex jealous. he cried and threaten it was horrible... And i guess i kinda pushed it, i mean after months of heart break wow his jealous attitude really made me feel wanted.


Than i got annoyed and blew up on him and told him to grow up. Nothing he is saying matches with his action. If he was so done with me and he is so sick of him why is he acting like a raging jealous jerk.


Than he said he needs me and he was a fool, and all that stuff that every dumpee wants to hear..


I told him i do love him but i wasnt ready to be in a relationship with him again.......... (We do live together)



do u think i am doing the right thing??? Now he is trying so hard to change and get my attention, and do sweet stuff and makin a effort to hang out......when i ask for space



I don't understand him...

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It sounds to me that he doesn't want anyone else to have you.


My advise is don't go back to him because I don't think he is going to change. He's going to promise you the world and then he's going to be the guy he was before. You've had enough of that already.


There's someone better suited to you, he just hasn't come along yet.

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Why is he acting like a raging jealous jerk.


Because you made him one. You're still living in the same house, is it really fair on him to do that while your still living together in such a short time? I guess you pushed it as you said yourself.


Don't use other guys to get a rise out of him, thats not fair either. Beside what's good for the goose and all that...... so be careful, it may come back on you.


For all these reasons and if it really is over between you, then you need to move out.

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I agree with Tigris, that he doesn't want anyone else to have you.


Sounds like he's interested in you again because now someone else is, also! Now, in addition to finding out you are moving on and finding a new love, he's also finding out that he has to compete for you and it may hurt his pride.


Unless he can take back the terrible words he said to you, and the terrible way he made you feel, I would avoid getting back into a relationship with him and move out as soon as you can...

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