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Uncomfortable w/ ex's staring

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I bumped into 2 different girls I dated within 12 hours, and, I felt pretty uncomfortable.


Last night I went out because a friend was in town from school and there was a group of us that met up at a bar. This one girl I dated was there with her group, and a guy she is dating. I'm happy that she has been with this guy. Her and I were never "serious" but dated on and off. She's a good girl, just not my type (drinks too much, smokes, college dropout, etc.). Well, she kept looking over at me after I spotted her, as she was just a few tables away. I noticed that it was happening every 5 minutes or so after one of my friends kept nudging me about it. We didn't speak, or say hi to one another. But this creeped me out as it was happening all throughout the night - just blank stares. No emotion. We locked eyes a couple of times, but more of the same, just creepy blank stares. Maybe she wanted to talk? I'm not sure. We have not spoke in like a year.


And today I was walking out of the mall when I spotted a girl I was serious with before. She was looking through some clothes and with a guy - right near the exit. So as I was walking to the door she looks up at me - a hard blank stare. I turned away pretty quickly and I just wanted to freeze or run I felt so uncomfortable. We have not seen or spoken in a couple of years and things ended very, very badly between us (lot's of fights and tears at the end, a break up that was pretty much a big F-U fight between us and neither wanting to see the either.). Seeing her, and her just staring at me made me want to puke. I kept walking with this uneasy stomach as if I did not notice her, and just felt and saw out of the corner of my eye her just looking on.


I found it very odd that I ran into two girls in such a short period of time. So I feel double uncomfortable. Girls that I dated and was never serious with - these things don't happen to me. We don't look at each other, or one doesn't stare at the other, etc. It's like - no hard feelings, no residual feelings or emotions, you just move on. I feel like both of them burned a hole through me in the past 12 hours I feel so sick. I have no clue if they hate me, or miss me, or what they were thinking, but I felt very, very uncomfortable. Enough to want to vent about it. Has something like this ever happened to anyone?

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Yes it has... and actually your lucky you dont have a local bar in town (or maybe you do) but whenever im there, which is rare now, but when i used to go i would run into the ex's as well, not knowing what to do if i saw them....I used to think about it before hand, like what would i do if i saw 1 or 2 of them around...and well I remember specifically one night seeing one of them when i was with my group and a really good girl friend of mine...she basically did the same thing as in your story, every 5 mins or so watched me or starred in my direction to see what i was doing...since we were all dancing in the bar she was all up on another guy and i was pretty close to a girl, it got uncomfortable with me at times, since we also had a bad break up....she proceeded to get ontop of the bar later on to dance, and thats when i realized she never broke out of her old habits (attention girl) ...and i pretty much laughed it off and left soon after...but other times i ran into someone who did the opposite and would run up and hug me and tell me how i good i look since its been awhile...but thats rare as well.....

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