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Got My Answer...He Will Call!

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I posted this about a week ago in a previous thread...



There's this sweet guy whom I totally adore. He has said he would call me before & then didn't. He says he's shy & hates talking on the phone. But I see him taking/returning calls to his other buddies no problem. It hurts so much when he doesn't call or take/return my calls. I'm not used to rejection. Then, I go see him we are happy to see each other, we talk, flirt and hug. He invites me to come back & see him soon. We are supposed to be "just friends" so I don't understand what the big deal is about returning my calls. Then, it starts again. Well, this time I'm not going to call first. Which leaves me wondering...will he miss me, will he call? I wonder if most guys dread making that call.



I got my answer...



It has been 2 weeks since I left a vm for him to call me back. He didn't....atleast not right away. So, I made a decision to not call him unless he calls me first. Well, yesterday he called my cell and left a long vm. Said he missed me and wanted me to come visit last night! We had a great 2 hr visit!



I now understand why he doesn't like to talk w/me on the phone. He is incredibly confident in person. But on the phone, he is shy and vulnerable.



From now on, I will let him initiate contact no matter how difficult it may be. Now I know, He will call!

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Glad to hear that he called! And you're right, let him chase you, since you're the catch, not him!


However, be careful to not overdo it. If after a while, you still don't initiate contact and let him make all the first moves, he might get the wrong idea and sort of...give up. If things keep going well, give him a special treat for being a good boy and call him first. But for now, what you're doing sounds good.

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