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has anyone had to deal with another person and their big ego? sometimes, the stories i was told seems like it was done intentionally to make me feel low or insecure, and it worked.


so sometimes i think to myself, maybe that was all a lie, but what if it wasnt?


just dont wanna feel alone on this one

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That's because it's all about him. Him, and his enormous ****. You are neither him, or his enormous ****, and thereforeeee, to him, your importance in the relationship is simply to reflect back the glory that is him.


Seek healthier love. It's out there.


These guys are just sad and pathetic. We've all known some. I actually prefer them sometimes, because they make it so easy to leave them, they virtually pack my suitcase. It's great. And they don't get upset, because, well, they're them, and as long as I understand the wonderful, glorious essense of who they are -- too glorious, really to be confined to any one relationship -- well, they'll continue to love me.


I have one who still occasionally phones me to talk to me about his enormous **** and the girls he's seeing. If I have time, I listen.

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Funny enough, I have a friend like that. And just last week one of our female friends came up to me and told me how she doesn't like his ego and him talking about the girls he's seeing etc.


The funnier thing is, he brags about them online, I've read the things he has written and wow, he's like living in his own little virtual world He makes up stories & changes stories to make it look like he's always with chicks & that there're chicks running after him all the time.


I usually just ignore him or just smile and nod. He doesn't know that I know he makes up stories and brags about them online though That's what makes it even funnier for me.

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In my experience, people who brag about how successful they are at dating, in their work life, etc., etc., need constant external assurance from others that they're indeed "worthy" people.


In other words, what's behind most so-called "big egos" is accute insecurity.


Someone with a healthy ego would never even have to brag. They'd know these things, feel grateful about it, and make a point to help others feel good about themselves.

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