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pre - long distance relationship


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I was wondering if theres any way to make a long distance relationship (LDR) work ? or at least make it last longer ? My girlfriend and I know we're serious about each other being together. We have known each other for 4 years but i only asked her to be mine a month ago. Now I only have two months left with her before i go abroad to further my studies. Time is running out and i want to make the most of it plus make this relationship stronger for LDR at the same time. I also know that we both cant stand being separated. All i want now is to make the most out of this 2 months before we separate.

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The success of a LDR depends on whether or not both individuals share the same committment level of making the relationship work.


I think it also depends on knowing what timeframe you will be together again...and frequent communication/visits in the interim.


How long will this be an LDR?


Some useful tips for people in/or considering an LDR:


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Is there any way she can move with you?


But if your determined to make it work you both have to want the same things. You need to make sure you will be faithful under all circumstances and are willing to make it work!


Talk on the phone as much as you can, send each other letters, emails. I'm not going to lie LDR are hard work and is a tossup between fun and not fun. I made mine work for over a year. I think it made us stronger to know that we could make it together but not see each other except on major holidays when we both went back home. Not seeing him but knowing you will see him/her on an exact day builds the anticipation and we were inserperable when that time came. The time came 1.5 years later...I moved in with him from being in a ldr to living together was quite the change....at first it was great but then it was too much...I went from seeing him 4 times a year to every day! AHHHHH For a while all we did was fight...but now we one happy couple.


Just work at it and if its what you want you can do anything you put your heart and mind to.

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hey thanks for the input. thats a nice relationship you got there.


this is going to be on for 3 years, until she comes to australia.we sill stil live apart though, just in the same state in australia. im going there for study purposes. she will come for the same reason too.


we will be able to meet each other when i return to my home, its not too far from her home. the problem is we only get to see each other during major holidays.


about trust, im beginning to trust her alot with other people, just a little jealous though. we tell each other about almost everything going on with our daily lives.


we study together now, same class, so i spend every minute with her in class.

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