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Helping LDR girlfriend masterbate


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I won't go into too much detail since I feel pretty uncomfortable mentioning this, but a girl I have a pseudo-LDR with has trouble climaxing by herself, and I've offered to help by being in a voice conversation with her the next time she tries, except I have no idea at all what I should say or do I could really do with some advice about this, I can get very shy when talking to people voice-to-voice too, which certainly isn't going to help.

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How about describing to your female friend what you would do to her sexually.I found an article for you Zach85.


What do you actually talk about during phonesex?


Basically, what you'll be doing is either telling your partner about what you would like to do to or with them, or talking through a fantasy situation. You will have to be graphic, that's just how it works. You have to be comfortable using words that usually turn someone on. For example, you can't go from asking him to "F**k your vagina * * * * *" in online chat or emails, to "please put your penis in my vagina" when on the phone. It's not going to work. You can't land a fish with inadequate bait. If you have to, practice saying the words out loud.


It's always good to allow your partner some insight into things you enjoy about sex before you share on the phone and to know what your phone sex partner likes. Don't drag out whip and chains in your dialog if you know your partner is not into that. He or she might get frightened and hang up. 'What could he be thinking, I never told him I liked spankings!'


It's also a good idea for those of you who have more than one phone sex partner to keep track of who likes what. Keep a notebook if you have to. I wouldn't want to be confused with your other lover who you are sharing a bi-sexual relationship with. For that matter, I know I wouldn't even want to know that you have other partners. Interacting through phonesex is a very personal thing, and can very easily go wrong if you don't choose your words carefully.


If you are playing out a scene with you partner, keep track in your head where all the body parts are. You can't possibly be able to suck on my toes and then my neck and then lick the back of my thighs all within seconds. Try not to jump around too much. Think of it as an actual sex act. Would you really move from doing it in the missionary position to doggie style in a matter of seconds? I'd get dizzy with all the rapid movement. Keep on track.


And lastly, unless you are in this just to get someone else off, which is admiral to some, you have to be able to feel comfortable at touching yourself in front of someone. Now you may laugh, but I have known people who truly had no idea. "He asked me to tell him if I was wet. How would I know, I was dressed and in my office." For a good session, you need to be able to share in the experience.


Phone sex is a great way to act out mutually shared fantasies, or a way to introduce your partner to things that might turn you on. It does get easier as time passes, and with each call you share. Sharing a climax over the phone is a very cool thing. Being able to get someone to this point through phone wires can be a challenge, but one worth the effort. And one final thought, relax. Don't forget to laugh when it's appropriate. Sometimes a chuckle or two helps ease the tension that might exist.

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i'm sure it would be different for person to person... Ive never done any of this but have heard about it. What would you want to hear? If I were her I would want to here about how good i make you feel...how much I turn you on....if this is the case. How much you wish you could be there with me....thinks like that

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