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everyone, have faith!!!


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For 2 years now, i've been reading through these forums, sort of hoping that someone great would just walk into my 'lifeless' life. I've just graduated from high school in Australia, having ignored any sort of social activity in favour of just doing work. Basically, I was putting myself into a position where I would never meet any girls (let alone talk to them) and from there, hopefully entering a relationship. Because of this and a strong resentment for my boarding school, I grew more cynical and careless over the years. Anyway, preparations for my prom came along a few weeks ago as tickets were beginning to be sold. I was uninterested at first yet my friend convinced me to go, even getting me a date for the night. I figured "What the hell?! My only other option is spending the night at home with my parents!" I went, had a great time with the girl I brought (nothing happened with her since she already had a bf) and crashed at my cousin's house in the morning. While I was at the prom however, I met her...


She was my friend's date, I remembered her clearly as she was the only girl there wearing a gown with long gloves. I didnt think much of her at the time since I was preoccupied with my own date yet I must have made some sort of impression on her because she wanted to meet me a few days later?! So I went along to a part of town I didnt know and saw her at the train station. It wasnt love at first site for me, but I noticed straight away that I was comfortable around her, making a lot of jokes and just finding myself at ease. The rest of the day we spent talking with some friends in the park and trying to study (didnt work) yet I had a good time and from then on, spent a lot of time talking with her over the phone. The next week, we met up again (just the two of us), strolling around the park for a bit. I listened to all the lousy guys she had to deal with in the past, her tyrannical parents and dysfunctional family, and I started wanting to comfort her (haha). She obviously wanted to be comforted by me as a few hours later in the afternoon, I had her in my arms in the park. I never got to tell her how much I liked her at the time because both our mobiles (damn! I hate phones) rang at the same time and my friend came along a few minutes later, killing the mood. We all went home soon after but I couldn't stop thinking about her that night, I barely got any sleep. The next night, I called her and told her how I felt (I already knew she liked me) and we sort of recognised each other as boyfriend and girlfriend during that call. I talked with her for a quite awhile, I found myself saying stupid, corny things (which she found sweet) the whole night, I was shocked at the effect she had on me. She even told me she wrote things about me in her diary!! Never had I expected to have a girlfriend in such a short period of time?! Ive haven't stopped thinking about her all day, she's awesome and I know she thinks the same of me…


It's a great feeling I'm having right now but there's no easy path in our relationship. Her parents are monsters and if they find out about us, they'll keep her away from me. We're both going to university next year and I plan on living on campus so she's really hoping I get a place there. Also, we're both going away for holidays overseas (about 3 months) so we wont see each other for awhile. She's the first, decent girl I've met in a long time and she always says that I'm that 'rare' sort of guy she never expected to find. In the past, I was always laughing at the concept of love and always thought it would never apply to me. Now the irony of my situation is beginning to hit me in the face because I have someone who cares for me and whom I care about as well. Anyway, my final message to everyone is just to have faith and get out there in the world. It's not my place to say that someone will definitely come along out of the blue and find a place in your heart but I think now that if you slowly bring yourself in to new situations, things can happen. I was lucky in a sense to find this girl yet I know they're problems ahead of us and we'll deal with them together when the time comes. It's been a long post and I'm sorry but I hope everyone on this website finds what they're looking for their lives…


Good Luck!!

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